Proper Food Storage

Food Storage written by: NEVERGIVEUP

Food storage is essential owing to the fact that it extends food life. It is wise to invest in food storage since the cost of food is always on the rise. Besides, food is always prone to contamination.

Proper storage of food under the best conditions will certainly extend its life to the maximum potential. Food can either be stored at room temperature or frozen depending on the type of food. 

Freezing is one way of extending the life of many foods. There are certain conditions which must be maintained so as to get the most out of food storage.

*Freezer Storage

For proper food storage, the freezer should be kept at 0F and below. A thermometer may also be needed in there. You must make sure that you use containers or materials which are designed for freezer storage for your storage purposes.

* Shelf Storage

Foods stored on the shelf should be kept out of direct sunlight. The shelf should also be cool and dry. Ensure that the temperature is kept at 70F or below. Food can be stored in their original packaging in case they have not been opened. It is also advisable to use an airtight container. Opening the containers of foods in the shelf reduces the life of food.

*Refrigerator Storage

The recommended refrigerator temperature should be between 33 F and 40 F. Like in freezer storage, ensure you have a thermometer inside the refrigerator. Use plastic wrap, foil, airtight containers and plastic bags to store food in the refrigerator. Moisture and vapor-proof items are the best for packaging food for refrigeration.

Food storage can be classified into three categories. They include;

*Survival food storage

*Long term food storage

*Emergency food storage

The following are factors to consider when storing food for long-term use:


Storing food at room temperature renders it nutritious and edible for a longer period of time. Heat destroys food together with its nutritional value. Most of the elements contained in food are also destroyed.


Moisture provides a favorable environment for the growth of microorganisms. This microorganisms cause chemical reactions hence spoiling food. For this reason, all foods should be stored in a cool and dry atmosphere.


Excessive oxygen also causes food spoilage. It promotes growth of microorganisms especially in fats, vitamins and food color. Oxygen absorbers should be used when packing food products.

Food storage is not only a good way of protecting all the nutrients contained in food but also helps in avoiding unnecessary food wastage. Therefore, it is important to invest in food storage as its benefits are worth mentioning.


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